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Best Fast Food

As we eat our way across the land, restaurant by restaurant, we like to compile handy lists of our finds. Here are all our guides and round ups:

The best fast food chicken

Nuggets, tenders, sandwiches, fries, you name it we love it. And we know you do too. We round up the very best of the fast food chicken world in this part of the website. Read more.

Best fast food French fries

We’re serious about French fries too, I mean, who isn’t? We try to get our hands on every French fry out there and list them here so you can see every fast food fry, side by side. Read more.

Best chicken sandwiches

The Chicken Sandwich Wars started in 2019 and the skirmishes have intensified to full on tastebud assaults at this point. Popeye’s lit the fuse on this hotly contested battle, and everyone who is anyone is now getting involved. We’ve listed all the competitors and whats available. Read more.

The best cheap eats

The glory days of the ultra-cheap value menus might be starting to fade away, but there are still some fantastic deals out there. We’re always on the look out for a bargain and we list them here. Read more.

Best fast food sides

If you’re stuck in a French fry rut, don’t fret. There’s much more on fast food menus than just deep fried spuds. You can find everything from onion rings through green beans. Read more.

Fast food around the world

Sometimes the grass really is greener. And more delicious. In this section of the site we take a look at the various fast food menu specials you will find around the world – but sadly, not here in the states. But we can dream right. Read more here.

Best fast food hacks

Ever looked at a menu item and though, “I can make that way better”. Yup, we have too. Every so often we sue together random dishes and ingredients to make Frankenstein-like works of genius. Read more.

Best fast food delivery options

What’s the best brands to choose when ordering delivery? Let us help you, based on our own experience of ordering food delivered a fairly ridiculous amount of times. Read more.